What is uplighting?


Uplighting is the most effective way to completely customize your venue. These LED lights are available in virtually every shade of every color. They are also battery powered so there is no need to worry about any wires or outlets. Uplights are so effective they can be used outside as well!

The most feedback we receive from our clients is about how uplighting transformed their event beyond expectation. Here are a few different ways to use uplights for your special day:

Uplighting services can be booked as a standalone service or added to any of our other services.

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Use 1 to 2 uplights to draw attention to specific areas of your event such as the head table, cake table, guest book, or combine with a monogram light for an even extra special look.  

Medium Exposure:

Place one uplight every 10 feet around the perimeter of your venue for a full and even look.

Full Exposure:

Place one uplight every 5 feet around the perimeter of your venue for a complete coverage and total color effect.  This will wash the whole room in the color of your choice.