Effect Lighting

What Is Effect Lighting?

Amp up your event with special effect lighting, we have several different options here at Panhandle Entertainment. See below for descriptions:

  • cake spotlight
  • starry night sky
  • black lights for a glow party
  • water effect
  • fire effect

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Cake Spot Light

 Cake Spot Lights are an essential element used to brighten up any special features you want to share with your guests. Perfect for cake tables, centerpieces, floral decorations, or guest registries. Our cake spot lights project narrow rays of light which is an effect commonly referred to as pin spotting.  We recommend 1-2 lights for cakes and 1 light for centerpieces. 

Starry Night Light

Starry Night Lighting displays a dazzling and interactive star field across any surface of your event. We ensure our starry night light is the most advanced laser projector available and is sure to leave everyone in awe.

Black Lights

Black lights are among the most powerful lighting effects and will immediately reflect a glow off any white or florescent surface. We recommend black lights for any party you’re ready to get started!

Most parties just require 1 or 2 black lights to light up the entire room. Each black light will cover an area of about 60 feet by 60 feet.

Water Effect Light

Water effect lighting projects rippling blue waves over any surface. Use this effect to bring the calm and cooling vibes of the ocean to your venue.

Fire Effect Light

Fire effect lighting emulates the crackling of flames over any surface. Use this effect to bring the warm and romantic glow of an evening fire to your venue.